Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Joys of Performing Live Music

For any aspiring rock band, it’s a dream come true when they get a chance to perform in front of a sold out audience in excess of ten thousand. The feeling of “rockstar” sweeps over the band seeing their fans sway to their music.

However the journey to “rockstardom” is not always a fairy tale. It takes rigorous practice, continuous performing and a slice of luck. But most important is that the band should play as much live music as possible, so as to reach out to more fans and spread their music. Though with the internet helping the bands reach out to a global audience nothing wins more fans than a high octane performance.

Playing Music from Night Clubs to Big Stadiums

Many a times, bands get caught up playing in the club circle. This is usually the case when a band has been regularly playing at clubs but n...